The news that Shannon Matthews’ abduction may be a shamelessly engineered stunt can only mean one thing.

The McCanns totally have a lot to answer for!!!

It was inevitable that a spate of copycat cases would result after the blanket media coverage the McCanns’ Find Maddy campaign received.

The more dead impressionable and ignored elements of our celebrity-obsessed society were bound to succumb to this kind of temptation, as the only chance most white working class mothers have of meeting the Pope, being profiled in the Times or being on GMTV is if their child is abducted. And the McCanns’ tireless self-promotion is totally contributing to this situation.

It’s surely no coincidence that the only way they can keep their daughter’s name in the public eye is by constantly maintaining a high media profile themselves!!!

But, more importantly, what Shannongate has also totally illustrated is the potential honeytrap that is the McCanns’ Find Maddy fund, with relatives of Shannon allegedly attempting to claim money from it.

Once again, bourgeois wealth is acting against the interests of the working class!!!

The lure of this unearned wealth is causing the underclass to consider having their daughters abducted in order to survive in Brown’s Bourgeois Britain.

For the sake of preventing any future Shannongates it’s time to expropriate this fund from the McCanns.

Why should all this wealth be kept back for one daughter of the bourgeoisie (who’s probably totally dead) when there are working class girls risked being stashed in council houses divans because of it?

The time has come to expropriate the wealth of the bourgeoisie.

Liquidise the fund!!!

Scam the McCanns!!!