Being raised in a dead revolutionary freedom fighting household meant that my brother and I were suckled together on the milk of anti-imperialism.

As adults we have continued to fight the good fight, as much as our respective occupational commitments as solicitor and PE teacher allow us.

However, both of us were appalled at the lickspittle British media’s serving up of the fascist-militarist-imperialist-Islamphobic propaganda that is Prince Harry’s Afghanistan war diaries.

As a consequence of this, and in protest at the continued imperialist activities of the British Government, my brother Bob and I have renounced our British citizenship.

Chanting our dead anti-imperialist slogan of "Not in our nationality!", last Friday we presented ourselves at the Iranian embassy and applied for citizenship of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It feels dead good. We have overthrown the imperialist yoke from our passports!!!

Bob considered this dead ingenious and one in the eye for the "muggy imperialist cunts", stating that "our victory is their victory!!!"
However, despite renouncing our dead imperialist British citizenship and becoming dead anti-imperialist Iranian citizens, we will continue to reside together in east London.

Doubtless some will accuse us of hypocrisy for our continued espousing of regimes and values we ourselves would never wish to live under. Others will point at our convenient separating of ourselves from the actions of the British Government while continuing to benefit from living under its jurisdiction.

This attitude smacks of the fascist and xenophobic persecution of immigrants that exists in Britain today!!!

To those not infected with the fascist-militarist-imperialist-Islamphobic agenda we say: stand shoulder to shoulder with your dead anti-imperialistic Iranian east London residing brothers and sisters! You have nothing to lose but your passports!!!