Being such a virulent anti-fascist (not to mention anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist) means I believe totally in freedom of speech. However, I also believe totally that some people’s speech is freer than others. As a consequence, I reserve the right to delete posts without explanation. As an anarchist, anti-fascist and supporter of indigenous freedom fighters everywhere I am willing to provide a platform for dissenting voices. However, consistently exercising this right will be considered totally fascist behaviour.

The following may lead to your post being deleted:

Being too elaborate or thoughtful (it’s a blog, not a thinktank)
The comment consisting of racist, xenophobic, imperialist propaganda or crap
Linking to racist, xenophobic, imperialist, racist websites
Addressing someone as “Rob”, when their name is actually “Bob”,

The following are exempt:

Posts in total agreement
Comments that disagree in a particularly obsequious fashion
Comments detailing violent ends reserved for fascists, paedos, soldiers of imperialist forces and the McCanns
Posts from relatives, such as from my brother, Bob, or anyone else called Bob (although see post deletion qualifications above)
Referring to my being totally hot (which I so am)!